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Typical Casino Poker Bonuses Explained

Most online casinos that host a poker jackpots room tend to offer handouts as an incentive for players to sign up there. Some gamblers may need to have these types of poker bonuses explained so that they have an understanding of the process. Put simply, handouts allow players to be rewarded with free casino cash games once they register at the site and make a deposit into their accounts. Furthermore, during tournaments, a rake or entrance fee is charged in order for a user to participate. Thereby, the casino makes money through gamblers signing up; the more traffic they can pull in, the more money they make. This rake money is then used to persuade more players to sign up in the form of extras. Those who need poker bonuses explained must understand that there are four types: match, instant reward, reload, or referrals.

Match Bonuses

Match bonuses are the most popular form of promotions given to new account holders. They are gained when a player makes a deposit that the casino equals poker chips up to a specified value. A 100% match means if you deposit $50, you get $50 added to your user account in free money. This amount has a cap and is typically determined beforehand. The site may require that you deposit a certain amount in order to earn this type of windfall.

Instant Reward

A less common form of sign up promotion is an instant reward. With this kind of promotion, the site pays the user a certain amount for registering an account. Think small. This gratuity is usually a very minimal prize of like $7. However, such extras can help jump-start an account.

Reload Incentive

This kind of promotion is provided to recurring users when they add more money to their accounts especially when you have free poker. Perhaps, you have already benefited from the first deposit addition and want to continue playing. Typically, available through a certain span of time, a reload bonus rewards you with each subsequent deposit.


The last type of promotion involves word of mouth, and many people need these poker bonuses explained more than any other. Casinos market for themselves but sometimes the best form of marketing is regular customers. Many sites compensate users who refer friends with decent bankroll additions ranging from about $25 to $50.
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