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Types of Poker Chips

Since the rise of online poker, some players are shifting into the more advanced way to enjoy the game as their strategy. Despite the change, there are still many players who choose to play this game in a physical table with tangible cards and chips. The experience of holding poker chips can really be enjoyable.

There are even poker players who collect poker variations different poker chips. Some gaming sites have released special chips for the collectors such as the NHL hockey poker chips. Other than the special chips, players should also know that there are several types of poker chips.

The different types of poker chips

Each poker chip and poker tips is unique in its own way. Most of the time, the materials used in making these chips are related to the feature of the game that a player is into. Below are common types of poker chips that are being used in the gaming industry.1. Plastic 2. Faux clay 3. Ceramic 4. Composite 5. True clay

The quality of material used determines the value of the chips on the game. Plastic chips are the cheap ones usually used at home and will never be used in tournaments for World Series of Poker (WSOP). This type is somehow slippery when used. Meanwhile, faux clay is also cheap but have a better quality compared to plastics.

Ceramic chips are more durable compared to the ones made with clay. These are also often used in casinos. Composite chips are also referred to as compression-molded chips. The composite is also treated as one of the high end chips in the mid-range.

Lastly is the true clay, which is most respected because of its quality. However, most of the true clay poker chips are not purely made with clay. Manufacturers already added other elements such as sand or chalk to prevent the chip from being too fragile. Having pure clay will make the chip soft and easily broken. This type of poker chip is known to be the most expensive too, among all the chips mentioned above.

Special Edition Poker Chips

Poker chip collectors probably have a set of special edition poker chips. These ones are usually released during special occasions. Also, these poker chips are usually limited in number. Thus, only a few poker enthusiasts possess such special edition poker chips. The value of such a rare gem is also unbelievable. Some special chips have prices that can go as high as millions of dollars. Elite poker players will surely do anything to own one.

The NHL hockey chip is one of the special edition poker chip that players may get. This special poker chip is limited edition. It involves famous NHL teams such as Islander, Tampa, Vancouver, Dallas Stars, Calgary, and Senators.

Another special edition poker chip is released in 2012, together with the 50th anniversary of James Bond movies. Cartamundi launched three sets of poker chips - the Compact Poker Set, the Luxury Poker Set, free poker, and the Limited Edition Poker Set. As expected, the limited edition in gambling principles is the most expensive among them but it also has the nicest features. The limited edition comes with a large case containing 500 precious poker chips, a dealer button, and two card decks. All the 3000 pieces inside this heavy case are individually numbered. The chips are designed similar with Casino Royale, but these ones are imprinted with a classy 50th anniversary instead.

Harley-Davidson also launched two pieces of luxurious poker chips in their 115th anniversary. These are also limited edition. Motorcycle fans will definitely love the design of these chips.

The Most Expensive Poker Chips

The price of the most expensive chips vary from $500 to millions. The 500 Double Down Saloon Paulson chips and the Casino Royale Limited Edition Omega are both priced less than $1000, but there are price are already expensive at $579 and $725 respectively.

There are also poker chips that can reach almost $2000, which are the S.T.DUPONT 007 Casinon Royale Original and Pre-WWII Poker Chips with inlaid Swastika. The latter has a vintage look that will definitely attract the old soul players.

Cartier, a French luxury watchmaker and jeweler, occasionally release a poker chip set. Cartier's Bold Poker Set priced at $10,000 is one of the most expensive sets. It contains 360 chips in five colors and two card decks. The set also includes red and black dices.

A Vintage Cartier Poker Chip Set is another luxurious collection that priced at $30,000. The information on this collection is rare, making it more delicate and precious. The design of the said chips are hard to imitate.

Stahl, a Swedish jeweler, incorporated some real gems in designing the Meteorite Poker Site. This collection can be bought at $150,000. Real 18 karat of white gold, rubies, diamonds, and sapphires are used in the chips. The five dices included in the set are made of ivory.

The multi-million Geoffrey Parker Poker Set is the most expensive of all. It is priced at $7.5 million because more than 20,000 precious stones are used to decorate the chips. Like the Meteorite, Geoffrey Parker's Set has 18 karat of white gold and diamonds. The materials used in this set is truly mesmerizing.
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