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William Hill Maximum Payout Withdrawal Information

William Hill Maximum Payout

Congratulations on winning at William Hill Race and Sports Book, American's number 1 sports book website! William Hill withdrawals are among the fastest payouts worldwide and offer some of the highest maximum payouts, which is something they pride themselves on. We wanted to help you understand how William Hill withdrawals work, including the maximum payouts, so you know exactly when and how you can expect your winnings, as well as what withdrawal limits you may be subject to.

There are several withdrawal options, and all withdrawal requests are generally processed within 72 hours of the initial request; however, they often are received sooner based on the manner in which you initiate the transfer. Additional documentation may be required to protect customer security, so please have all applicable information available when you withdraw your funds either digitally or in person. Your funds can be transferred immediately to the William Hill Prepaid Play+ card, via ACH transfer to your bank, collected in person, and more. Please note that bank transfers often take two to three business days to post to your account based on your personal bank.

William Hill withdrawal requests are subject to maximum payout limits, and please read below to learn more about the rules and regulations regarding maximum payout limits so can you better understand how it will impact you, especially as you look to withdraw your funds.

Maximum Payout Limits

Maximum payout is the maximum amount of money that William Hill withdrawal will pay out. This varies by sport. In addition, maximum payout limits may vary by state and apply to bets placed online and in person. Bets include those that are placed by one person in one day and that adhere to the maximum payout amounts that can be won. This excludes the stake. If you have placed bets on different days, you will win a maximum payout amount based on the day during which the final bet takes place and not the day you placed the bet. Additionally, if you have bet on multiple events, the lowest maximum payout limits will apply to your winnings.

The maximum payout varies by sport and include $2 million for football; $1 million for baseball, basketball, and hockey; $500,000 for soccer; $250,000 for boxing, golf, tennis, UFC and MMA; $25,000 for all other sports; and $10,000 for novelty and special sporting events. The maximum payout limits are subject to change and be sure to check your state's regulations prior to placing any bets. William Hill withdrawals are subject to maximum withdrawal limits, in addition to maximum payout limits, based on how you plan to receive your money.

Getting Your Winnings

As mentioned above, William Hill withdrawals are among the fastest in speed. However, all funds are subject to their terms of service, which outline how an account holder may withdraw funds from their account. William Hill members can withdraw any amount up to the account total at any time, but they may be limited by the maximum payout limit or the maximum daily withdrawal limit.

William Hill withdrawals can be conducted in several different ways, including via the William Hill app by eCheck using VIP Preferred, with an Online Banking transaction, transferred to your William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card or to your Skrill wallet.  william hill + withdraw


You can deposit winnings directly to your bank account by using VIP Preferred. There is a $20 minimum withdrawal and $5,000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction. William Hill withdrawal transactions are processed daily, but they can take a few days to post to your account.

Online Banking

You can also use PayWithMyBank to withdraw your funds directly to your bank account. You use your online banking ID and password to log in and transfer the funds. Again, there is a $20 minimum withdrawal and $5,000 maximum withdrawal limit per transaction. William Hill withdrawal transactions are processed daily, but they can take a few days to post to your account.

William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card

William Hill is proud to offer a prepaid Play + card to help you transfer your funds. There is a $20 minimum withdrawal and $5,000 maximum withdrawal limit per day. There are no fees for loading or maintaining the prepaid card. William Hill withdrawal funds are immediately available on the card. It can be used on the William Hill website, as well as can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs and anywhere Discover cards are accepted. Full details about the William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card are available when you receive the card.

In Person

William Hill withdrawals can also be in person, and you may take out money from your account at any of their retail locations, which vary by state. To withdraw your funds, you will need to present a valid photo ID at one of the sports book windows. The agent at the window will verify your account by texting you a verification code. Once verified, you will receive your cash. There is no minimum withdrawal limit at the cash window in person. Before you go to process your William Hill withdrawal in person, be sure to check out their website for hours of operations for their retail locations.

Please note, you may be subject to rules and regulations if you are an out of state guest better in person. Because of this, you may not be eligible to receive your William Hill withdrawal funds. Please contact customer support if you are unable to bet and need any deposited funds returned.

Any request for William Hill withdrawals excepting in person and the William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card may take three business days to post to your account. Please note, requests that include $10,000 or more may require five day's advanced notice to process. The maximum payout may exceed the maximum withdrawal limit, so be sure to be aware before you attempt to withdraw your funds. You may also receive a check from William Hill in the withdrawal amount of your winnings via email rather than ACH transfer to your bank.

Happy betting and good luck!

First-time guests, be sure to check out their welcome bonus offers to start gambling online for free. Returning guests can check out additional promotional opportunities that may be available by state and by game. We offer many opportunities to help you boost your bet, and be sure to read all rules and regulations for each offer on their website to ensure you understand what it means for you.

William Hill makes withdrawing your money easy, and with their high maximum payout limits, we hope you enjoy playing with us. Good luck!

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